May 2017

Summer is right around the corner! To celebrate the start of summer we are kicking off another Clean Eating Challenge at CFH. Our last challenge held in January was a huge success. Participants lost inches, pounds of body fat, and increased their muscle mass. The winter challenge was structured as a “hard reset” button following the holiday season. Alcohol, sugars, and some other things were eliminated for the duration of the challenge. The summer kickoff challenge is going to be structured a little differently. We are still calling it a challenge because it will require your dedication and focus to...


Strength WOD

Take 12 minutes to build up to a heavy 1 RM Power Clean


40 Cal Row
10 Power Cleans
40 Walking Goblet Lunges
2 Rounds
Fitness: 135/95 (35/26)
RX: 185/125 (53/35)
RX+: 205/135 (70/53)
Coaching Tip: The power cleans should be heavy today.  Use the first portion as a warm up and get to a load that is above what you plan to use for the met con.  The cleans should be in singles or doubles.  If you can hit 10 in a row you should go heavier.  For the goblet lunges pick a load you can hit sets of 20 with.  Every step counts as one lunge.
The Squad!

I recently listened to a 4th Pull Podcast with Sam Dancer where he talked a bit about being a “Smart Athlete”.  This is something that stuck with me long after the episode was over.  The Smart Athlete is one that will show up near the top of the leaderboard in the day-to-day WODs.  They are the person that you look at and think, “How did they finish that workout so far ahead of me?”  They aren’t necessarily the next Games athlete or even making the 1st Place podium at the local competition.  But the Smart Athlete understands CrossFit and takes...