July 2017


200 M Run
30 1 Arm DB Power Snatch
400 M Run
30 1 Arm DB Power Snatch
600 M Run
30 1 Arm DB Clean and Jerk
800 M run
30 1 Arm DB Clean and Jerk
All movements with the DB are done from the hanging position.  Please do not drop the dumbbells.
Coach B showing us how it’s done on DB snatches!

We spend a fair amount of time in class working to keep your shoulders healthy and mobile. Shoulders are by far one of the most commonly injured body parts.  The legs can take a beating, but the shoulders are delicate and contain a complex web of muscles, tendons and ligaments that need to work together.  We will hit these throughout class, but we highly recommend spending a little time before and after class on a few of these exercises. The Scapula Any movement that strengthens your serratus anteriors, which will help stabilize your shoulders. This includes scapular push ups (arms remain...