July 2017

Your coaches are here to guide you as we go through this change.  Use their guidance to help you find what works for you! We are going to change our programming to better reflect the goals that we hear people are trying to accomplish. We are also going to create a more robust track instead of just changing the weights and reps in movements. This slight change in our programming is totally based around keeping our athletes happy and on a constant upward trajectory to their individual goals. Our three tracks will be Fitness, Performance and Open. Each will have a prescribed...


“Diddy Kong”

40 seconds on 20 seconds off at each station for 5 Rounds

Pull ups
Burpee Box Jump
Fitness: 185/125
RX: 225/155
RX+: 225/155 (chest to bar)
Score = Total Reps
Coaching Tip: No strength or skill today.  The coach will spend plenty of time warming you up and actually coaching the four movements above.  It will also allow you to focus on one thing today.  Put all your energy and effort into that. Use the 20 seconds as a transition period.  That means for the whole 40 seconds you should be pushing hard.  Attack each station and actively think about recovery and breathing as you use your full 20 seconds to transition to the next station.