November 2017

Strength WOD

3 Hanging Power Cleans + 1 Hanging Squat Clean
6 sets building up in weight


AMRAP in 12 minutes
20 Reverse Front Rack Lunges
20 KB Swings
20 Sit ups
Fitness: 75/55 (35/26)
Performance: 95/65 (53/35)
Open: 115/75 (70/53)
Always make sure you have a good high pull for your clean

Congratulations to our October Committed Club Members.  These people attended (and signed into!) 20 or more classes during the month of October.  They showed a solid commitment to CrossFit and, more importantly, to their own personal goals. Keep up the good work! Fernando Elizalde 26 Kevin Undeck 25 Amber Haske 24 Jessica Konigsberg 23 John Babb 21 Skylar Sklar 20 Fez Mabaquiao 20 Mallory Beck 20 Shana Conneely 20 Keith Locklear 20 Next time you see them around the gym, give them a high five (or a hug, hugs are great too)! We do our best to make sure we give credit to everyone who has reached the 20 classes each month.  If you...