November 2017


8 Power Snatch
___ Toes to Bar
400/300 M Row
(Rest 2 minutes)
5 Rounds
Fitness: 95/65 (15 Sit ups)
Performance: 115/75 (12 Toes to bar)
Open: 135/95 (15 Toes to Bar)
Today, is our longer workout.  Still a barbell in the WOD, but the focus is more on endurance.  Specifically going hard then trying to recover again quickly to go hard again.
GYM NEWS: CFHE This Friday there will be no 5:30 or 6:30 pm class.  We are having our first community event- “Grace + 1”  It starts at 5:30 pm on Friday.  We will take 20 minutes to find a 1 RM Clean and Jerk then hit Grace. After we are done we will grab drinks and dinner. (Local spot TBD).  Spread the WORD.
It’s always important to stretch those lats and shoulders for Toes to Bar

Since CFH has taken on CFHE we have had a few questions about how things are working.  There is currently one website.  It will be merged soon to represent both locations that is being worked on now.  The blog will serve as a way to communicate with both communities.

When it comes to events 99% of the time it will be open to both communities.  Honestly, I am not sure what event would be just for one location.  A few examples would be The Halloween Throwdown, took place at CFH, but everyone was invited.  Marissa’s Oly Class is taking place at CFH, but everyone is invited.  This Friday, November 10th we are doing “Grace +1 ” at CFHE then grabbing dinner and drinks after. Everyone is invited.

There is an option to belong to both gyms and go between the two when ever you want for $199.  If you want to stay at one gym the community events will always be open to everyone.  I will do my best with balancing seminars, happy hours, clinics at both locations.  Just remember that everyone is invited.

The goal here is an inclusive community that comes together for big events, but each has their own space to make their own.

As always, if you have questions just ask!