December 2017


15 Ring Rows
15 Close Grip Push ups
1 min Shoulder Stretch on a Box
3 Rounds


10 min EMOM
8 Power Snatch
Max Doubles
Fitness: 45/35 (max Singles)
Performance: 75/55
Open: 75/55
Strength/skill work is based around BW today.  We used a heavy barbell yesterday and really got things firing in the lower back.  To add a little challenge today, pause at the top of the ring row. Focus for the METCON is low weight, increased speed and cycling the barbell.
In order to develop a strict pull up, working on isolated ring rows will build strength
Gym News: 
12/16 Snatch Clinic with Coach Jamie. Open to both locations. Sign ups are on the blog
12/16-12/17 Crossfit Federal Hill is closed for Level 1 Seminar